"Chulengo" is the offspring of Guanaco.
They are very docile and sociable.

The original inhabitants of Patagonia.

This camelid (Lama guanicoe), is a native Patagonian resident that represents the ninety-five percent of the total population of Patagonia. Is docile, friendly and adapted to human contact. The Guanaco provides extremely soft wool.

Guanacos running

Guanaco, Lama Guanicoe

At the begining they come from a wild enviroment and then they are kept in semi-captivity. The Ministry of Natural Resources of the Province of Rio Negro control the number of these animals and gives permission to breed them.

For many years the wool was sold illegally at high prices because it was considered to be similar to the wool of the vicuna for its high quality. Today, the situation has changed, because now it can be sold legally at reasonable prices.

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