Choique or Ñandú

The Choique is certainly the bird that characterizes Patagonia.

The revered bird of native people.

The Choique (Peterocnemia pennata, Rhea) is a flightless native bird which belongs to the family of ratites and that only lives in Patagonia. An average adult is 1.10 meters tall and weighs about 40 kilos.

Historically, it is known for its kindness. Aboriginal people revered him, ate his flesh, wrapped with its leather, used its fat as medicine, and adorned with feathers. Today it is at the verge of extinction.


Charitos are the offsprings of Rhea.
Curiously, its plumage is black and white at first. then it turns gray as they grow.

We began to breed them in captivity because its meat is very healthy and desired worldwide. Our experience in breeding allows us to state that we certainly have a prosperous future in exotic meat production.

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